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Saturday, December 30, 2006

One customer who got we started

In mid-2001, a customer who needs about 10 China patent applications per year approached us, see what we can help. We took off as a practice to enlarge our coverage of legal and consultancy services. We also need to see what additional resources we need in order to provide values to this and other customers.

We need technicians for drawings, we need experience patent attorney to handle China filing, we need to plan to expand after this customer. We did feasibility study and a simple business plan with financial projection, and we kicked off.

First we decided to have associates in China to handle patent filing, we leveraged on one of our sister company who have draftmen in China. The small office was based in Hong Kong to work with customers in US and Hong Kong. This was the plan and we need to execute it quickly for the first batch of works.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How we started our business

In late 2001, a group of IT, Electronic and Mechanical engineer, together with a lawyer came together, spent a few nights together, and then get hold of a customers who need a lot of patent protection in China. Then a company was formed to handle this.

Why a bunch of HK professionals can be a middle man between a customer and China Patent Office? What do we offer? Will tell you more

The begining of a patent agent

I would like to start a blog, as a patent agent living in Hong Kong. I want to share my experience, from the very beginning, when I started this business.

I manage patent application since 2002, I did patent application in China, for customers mainly based in Hong Kong and US.

I found this challenging because I did a lot of translation: Translate technology ideas into 'people with suitable training' can understand essay; Translate English into Chinese; Translate business requirement into tasks list; Translate Intellectual Property into property protection strategy...