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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Consultation on Review of the Patent System in Hong Kong

Today is the deadline to submit our opinion on the subject. Here is summary of our response:

1. We do not support the introduction of OGP system in Hong Kong.
2. We strongly support to keep the existing re-registration system. The re-registration system can be further improved by recognizing examination result of US PTO and EPO in addition to existing arrangement.
3. We support to cancel Short-term patents all together in Hong Kong.
4. We support mandatory substantive examination be required before any legal action taken by the short-term patent assignee, should the Short-term patents system is kept in Hong Kong.
5. We have a lot of concern to regulate patent agency service in Hong Kong, with the uncertainty on the outcome of the patent system review, including the introduction of OGP to Hong Kong. We support that no change should be made at this time.

This is the last day of 2011 and we wish everyone have a great year in 2012.