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Monday, May 21, 2007

Is it a mouse (Micky Mouse), no, it is a cat!

Now it is a well publized news that a state run amusement park in Beijing has all sorts of characters not own by the park, like all Disney characters, Hello Kitty, Dora Amon, etc, running around in the park as an attraction. It was reported that the park was operating in this way for more than one year. The banner at the gate said, 'Disneyland is too far away, King Shan Park is close to you.' When confronted by a Japanese reporter, the park manager said that 'that is not Micky Mouse, as a matter of fact, it is a cat with big ears...' More could be seen at here.

This is not a new trick, about 2400 years ago in China, a senior offical wanted to know who were on his side, brought a deer in front of the king and said it was a good horse, some of the officals kept silence while the others said that it was a deer, not a horse. King did not know who to trust, eventually more and more said it was a horse. Then the testing offical knew who were his party members and used them to fool the King.

History is repeating 2400 years later. You think it is a mouse or a cat, check it out again!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Verdict is out - BT is illegal in Hong Kong

The verdict for the first BT case is out from the Court of Final Appeal, the Chan who used seeds to upload three copyright movies was found guilty and the three months sentence starts immediately. Chan went through the Magistrates Court, Appeal Court and the Court of Final Appeal is Chan's last chance for his case to be heart. It was reported that Chan admitted the act of uploading copyright material in the first caution statement after Customs and Excise Department raided his home. The later hearing was mostly related whether Chan's act was really an act to 'distribute' 'material' to the public.

Since the arrest, there is no other publicized arrest of the same nature in Hong Kong.