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Friday, November 27, 2009

Back to the blog

I am back to the blog! Isn’t it funny or ironic?

My blog is 3 years old, it is always here. I remember the time when I created it on 26 December 2006. Yes, the Boxing Day, a warm morning when I woke up after a great meal with a few bottles of wine on Christmas day with my family and friends. As usual, I switched on my computer after two cups of coffee, I decided to create my own blog! Well, being a blogger is a good choice of gift for myself. It may be a bit late as a Christmas gift but just perfect timing as a New Year gift.

Time flies … I am not an active blogger!

It is obvious that I do not spend time on this “gift” as I have been busy in my business. My last article was written in early June 2009, so you may imagine how many phone calls, emails, paperwork I have dealt with and how many meetings, negotiations and trips I have taken during these six months!

From now to the coming Boxing Day, I am sure I would spend more time here as I really want to share with you all my experience and thoughts on patents, trademarks, true or fake products, the news around us in China and the World, and so on.