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Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to become a patent attorney in Hong Kong

From Day One, this is a personal view blog, so I share my personal experience.

First, I need to say a few words about not writing for a long long time. When you are busy, you stop for a few weeks, then it extends to a few months. I wanted to pick up again, then I forgot the password. Now that is a push with two comments. So I am back.

There is no such thing as patent attorney in Hong Kong. As there is no independent patent examination in Hong Kong, there is no need for this profession.

Typically a lawyer may take this up as one of the area of practice. There is no formal requirement who can and connot take up patent work.

There is a Asia Patent Attorney Association - Hong Kong Group. Being a member is as close as being a patent attorney in Hong Kong. To become a member, you need a few years experience in patent drafting and execution, and referral from a few members.

Without a membership, if you know what you are doing, and have trust from your clients, and do produce good result, then you can call yourself whatever you like. This is a unregulated profession.

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