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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Guangzhou Trade Fair

Each year in April and October, there are Guangzhou Trade Fair. It started in 1957 and was the only channel for export from China. Over the fifty years, the trade fair only allow export companies in China to show in the trade fair, and foreign buyers as visitor. Average Chinese citizens are not allowed to entered into the show. Starting this year, the 101st Guangzhou Trade Fair, oversea sellers are allowed to display their products for importing into China, so it becomes an import and export trade fair and rename itself as China Import and Export Fair. Because of the large number of products it carries, it has two separated sessions. The first session ended in 20 Apr and the second session is still in progress.
According to State Intellectual Property Office of PRC, there were 203 case of complaints for infringement of intellectual property in the first session, which represents a 15% decrease over last year. The official news (in Chinese) can be found here.
I have a customer who carries products displayed in second session, and I will go to Guangzhou to see the exhibition and check out if there are any infringing products. The second session ends on 30 Apr, next Monday. Then it will be the long holiday in China for the 1 May labour day.

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m0cha_1atte said...

Hi there, just giving a quick kudos to your blogs, which are an absolute pleasure to read. I am a trainee patent attorney in Australia myself. As I was born in HK, it sure is good to know more about how the patent business is like at home.

Entries that I find particularly useful are those clues and tips that are hard to come by - like the $100k patent grant for SME's, how to maximise the patent protection period with a utility patent, and how the number of Shenzhen patent attorney firms has soared in the past 5 years. Of course those little snippets about running a patent agent business are fun to read too.

Please keep it up. I'll sure be a regular reader!