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Monday, August 11, 2008

I am back with a new hosting service

I was busy, then I am lazy, then problem with hosting service. Now I am back. Hopefully I can write / blog more.


Anonymous said...

Like the site! I've got a filing number for an international patent - and now that we're (semi) protected, I'd like to try to sell it. Any ideas of any patent brokers or IP sales firms in Hong Kong?

Anonymous said...

We have set up a new company called Invent2Build, the mission of which is to provide help to inventor to protect intellectual property right and materialize invention. If you so wish, you may send us email to Thanks.

Unknown said...

do you offer freelance service for patent application consulting? how much per hour? thanks. I only need it at PPA level for now. I drafted a list of question that need to be answered. Thanks
email jacky 892 at g mail dot com