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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Speedy patent application drafting

I think our company break a record. From instruction to filing: Two days.

Meaning we have about 24 hours to handle one patent application.

Of course, it is not started from nothing. We were presented with a filed US patent, foreign filing right will expire the next day. So we still go though the normal process: (1) translate the US (English) Patent Application into Chinese; (2) rewrite the Chinese Patent Application suitable for filing to SIPO; (3) retouch on patent drawing; (4) fill up the right forms and (5) filing the same to SIPO.

And there are still follow-up actions, including the filing of Power of Attorney and the original Priority Certificate.

The only step we skipped is customer confirmation. We cannot wait for client confirmation because of time-zone difference, and we will fix any error later.

And because the client was thinking and thinking whether they should file the US patent to China, it took them 363 days to think, and we have 2 days to work on it.

And we did not charge extra for this urgent work, because this is a good customer who pay us really fast.

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