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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Google finally left China

Is there a Google search engine in China? Yes or No?

Here is the story. Rumor has it, about 40 years ago. When Henry Kissinger visited China in the ice-breaking diplomacy, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was asked whether there were sex workers in China. Premier Zhou said, "Yes," with a pause, and he continued "in Taiwan". And the whole China admired Zhou's wisdom, as he did not admit that there are sex worker in mainland China, in addition, restate their position that Taiwan is part of China.

Now, any one who asks "Is there a Google search engine in China?"

The answer is "Yes", .... "it is in Hong Kong."


Unknown said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a final year PhD chemistry student of a top-five UK university and I am considering going into intellectual Property law industry of China/HK. I would like to ask you what will be the best way to advance my career and become a successful patent agent or patent lawyer in China/HK. Shall I work as a trainee patent agent in a large UK/US firm first? Thanks.


Patent Agent said...

I hope this is not too late to answer you. You may need have some legal background in order to enter the field of patent attorney. I cannot definitely recommend anything as we dont have a professional body yet. It may come in the comes years, but nobody know what would be the formal requirement then.