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Thursday, September 22, 2011

China is going to focus on 10 Major Technologies!!!

Recently, the patent analysis and early warning group of State Intellectual Property Office has emphasized that China is going to lock eyes on patent analysis and early warning via its internal meeting. China strives to break with the inherent ideas and makes new ideas actively. There is no doubt that such internal report plays a supportive role for the preset guidance and decision-making audience.

The patent analysis and early warning programs of State Intellectual Property Office will focus on the10 major technologies, including, LTE technology (4G), high-performance computer chip instruction system, smart grid technology, bio-breeding technology, high-performance rare earth functional materials, cloud computing data center cooling and energy saving technology, vehicle fuel cell technology, carbon-chemical technology, oil and gas exploration and development of geophysical exploration technology and environmental pollution detection.

The original posting dated 19 Sep 2011 can be found here (in Chinese).

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