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Thursday, October 4, 2012

APPLE buy more patents for war

I think the great news of patents world in 2012 is APPLE win the lawsuit over SAMSUNG and make it compensation of 10 billion. Even this number cannot be compared with its core business such as iPhone selling. For world famous brand, the winner of lawsuit represents not only the money and the reputation. The result of lawsuit also affects the selling products and the image on customers mind. Therefore, SAMSUNG immediately declare 2nd round of patent war over APPLE once its iPhone support LTE4G. 

It is expected to be 2nd round of patent war soon because APPLE held nothing on LTE4G last year but they hold 318 patent until now. That means, Apple is preparing war and accept the declaration. While SAMSUNG hold 819 patents on LTE4G and lose the 1st round, they must start the war whether for the money or for their image on customer's mind.

News reference (in Chinese).

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