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Friday, November 16, 2012

I think it is a good news to HKSME which wants to expend their brand name in China. Even HK$500,000 is little money to promote brand name in China. (As our last dairy stated, JDB has spend 12 billion on their brand name building), However, it is also an incentive to HKSME and HK advertisement & PR agents.   

I think if HKSME wants to expend or build up their brand name in China. They need following steps: 
1) Trademark or patent registration in China 
2) To build up the sales channel 
3) To proceed promotional campaign

By the way, HK$500,000 is maximum and support half of the promotional campaign. That means HKSME need to prepare another HK$500,000 or even more for promotional campaign and more fund for operation budget such as building up sales channel, etc. 

There are 2 difficulty for building up brand name in China. One difficulty is to handle the imitators. Another difficulty is to handle large size of map. Actually, Trademark or patent registration in China is 90% successful to protect their brand name. Surely, there are some small imitators may take risk to do the one-time copying. However, at that time, that means the brand name is famous enough. 

Some may misunderstand that patent applications take few days only. Actually, it needs around few years.  

Even size of China Shenzhen region is many times of HK region. Therefore, it is another challenge to a company for how to make promotional campaign to contact their target customers.

Check out details here.

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