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Monday, January 1, 2007

Nokia Year End Party

Five Cities, One Party. Wow! What a party. We were there, and got recorded on a news clipping! A nice view of Victoria Harbour, got music for more than 3 and half hour. Good party by Nokia.

The party was hosted in the roof top car park of Ocean Center. Actually it was on the fourth floor, so we were surrounded by buildings nearby.

There were about 8000 people there, a lot of people from nearby hotel were watching too, from the roof top, and of course, there were people without ticket, they may be in the Star Ferry, they may be floating on a boat around Ocean Park, etc. Of course, we have TV Pearl live broadcasting starting at 2230, and when the web is running, web casting as well.

There were quite some popular Hong Kong singers performing, and AK from UK. Great fun.

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