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Thursday, October 20, 2011

McDonald's blocks the yellow ‘’W’’ on red!!

"You use 'M' as your company trade mark so that I would be banned to use 'W'? Your 'M' trade mark represents a door, whereas our 'W' represents a container. There is no relationship with McDonald's," a spokesman of 'WONDERFUL萬德福' said.

'WONDERFUL萬德福' is a company involved in producing different kinds of foods and related services in China, uses a yellow 'W' on red as its trade mark. In 2003, WONDERFUL's trademark registration was objected by McDonald’s. The outcome was that WONDERFUL was revoked with the registration in the restaurant category.

However, McDonald’s does not satisfy the result and further pursue for the removal of the 'W' mark completely.

The legal process is now being handled in Beijing's court.紅底黃字w商標-麥當勞要封殺-213301877.html

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