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Monday, November 14, 2011

A folk innovator of China

Maybe most of us would imagine that only a large corporation could afford to invest in an innovation. Nevertheless, a folk innovator of China displays that our concept is wrong.

He Zengrong, a folk innovator of China, who has paid patent maintenance fee for 9 years, has been granted on five applications since 1998, including two invention patent. As an innovator of enthusiasms, Mr. He brings his own innovations to take part in every ‘’Patent Supermarket’’ in Wuhan(武漢) each month to consult with investors there.

Mr. He believes his invention---Electric mosquito coils terminator. When his daughter had produced a baby in hospital, he had used his Electric mosquito coils to drive the mosquito. He expressed that only using his own Electricmosquito coils could make him to feel at ease. At present, Mr. He’s Electric mosquito coils can bring 20,000 RMB a month for him and he will put that money as capital on his innovation.

"The certification of patent is the proof of success for each innovator." Mr. He said. Without a certification of patent, the corporation might turn down to collaborate because of the high risk and the low market acceptance. In an other word, having a certification of patent can increase an opportunity to cooperate with corporation.

Finally, Mr. He claimed all innovators would also have a common wish that using their innovations contribute to the society. Mr. He, a folk innovator of China told us that enthusiasm and persistence were the most essential elements for innovation. Mr. He is so successful and was single out in a Chinese report by the SIPO.

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