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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Regulation of Patent Agency Services in Hong Kong

We have discussed a couple of time in the past about regulation of patent agent / patent attorney in Hong Kong. In short, there is no restriction on who can act as an agent for others or carry on the business as a patent agent.

Our firm has staff with legal and science qualification, but there is no specific examination or qualification requirement to provide patent agency service in Hong Kong. The current Review of the Patent System in Hong Kong also touches on this subject. However, it may be difficult to regulate as some firms, like ourself, do a lot of work to help customers to file patent (and trademark for that matter) applications outside Hong Kong. We rely on our associated patent attorney in France to handle our patent work for representation before European Patent Office. We instructed patent attorney in other countries for handle works in their respective countries. For this type of work, would it be regulated in Hong Kong in the future? We are closely monitoring the ongoing consultation on the subject.

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